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So your girl (or boy) is a dancing queen. And you decided they are ready for that next step, competitive dance.

Don’t. Pull her or him out now. Don’t spend another penny. You are going to regret every second.

Just kidding!! Competitive dance is fun!! Expensive, but fun. If you’re wanting to know just how expensive, check out my other blog about the expectations before joining. This blog will be more of after the fact. You’ve joined, now what to bring.

Okay so I wouldn’t call myself an expert dance mom but my girls have been dancing recreational for at least 6 years now. This is our second year in the competitive world so I’m still learning but we have two annual productions at our dance studio that we have been a part of all these years so I had some knowledge of what to expect. Continue reading

What to expect when expecting…to have your child in competitive dance.

What to expect when expecting...

Hi there.

You’re thinking of putting your dancer in competitive dance? Great!! I’m here to help.

First of all, and I’m sure you’ve already heard, but expect to spend some moolah. Dance is not cheap and then you add competitive. Wooohh.

If money is not an issue and you just want your girl or boy to have a good time, go for it! It’s a lot of fun. Who cares if they win or lose, right?! They’ll always be winners in our eyes. But money is an issue for me and I actually want to keep my house at the end of the day so if I’m spending the big bucks, you better give it your all and bring mama that trophy!!


Kinda. Continue reading