DIY – Kid’s Library (1)

So this is one of the first projects we did shortly after purchasing our home (almost 4 years ago). We knew we were going to have to figure something out for the girls’ bajillion books. In our old house, we had a huuuuge custom bookshelf that had shelves on each side. I mean HUGE. Therefore it was super heavy. We decided we weren’t going to haul that. Plus it was my mom’s in the first place so we were just going to leave it with the house (it was my mom’s house which my brother lives in now. AND I’m boring you with my life details. Apologies.)

Moving on to the project. This is one of the blogs that I have already posted about (check out my ABOUT ME for the explanation on that) so there is a chance my pictures are already floating around Pinterest.

So I found this idea on Pinterest. Of course. I mean where else do you get any ideas anymore?! I honestly don’t know how we lived before Pinterest. Like seriously. How did we?!

I wish I could tell you where the original idea came from but like I said, I’ve posted this particular project a couple years back & I’ve probably cited the blog it came from but there is no way I could remember now. Just now that I didn’t invent this. I wish I would have.

I always think that, too. Like why couldn’t have I thought of that?!

Okay, so all you need are some pallet boards. Man, pallet boards. You can literally build yourself a house out of those.

But that’s it. You cut it as it is shown below. (This is not my picture. I am a failure & didn’t take progress pics but found this one for you guys)


And hang them on the wall. Anchor them since you’re going to have heavy books on them.

Then decorate around.

We thought about painting them but I kind of like the rustic look.

There you have it.

Thanks for reading.

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