Book Review – The Crown’s Fate – Evelyn Skye

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This will make a whole TWO book reviews. Wooo hooo! I’m on a roll!

Okay. So this is the second book of The Crown’s Game. I feel like usually the first books are always awesome and then they slowly go down hill from there. For me, this was the opposite. It took me a little bit to get into the first book. But I was able to dive right in for the second.


Again, this wasn’t the “holy crap, I can’t stop thinking about this book” book. But I liked it. It made me continue. And if you read my review for The Crown’s Game, if I am not into the book, I will drop it like a hot potato. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

But there were just some parts that I was like “Really?! She couldn’t think of anything else?!” The author that is. I feel like you’ll know what I’m talking about after reading it.

Lots and lots of magic as in the first book. There is so much magic that I found kind of hard to comprehend what was happening. Ya know what I mean?! Like when I read, there is a movie playing in my brain and my brain couldn’t figure out how to play some parts. Lots of action though which I liked.

Tinsy-tiny spoiler ****GO TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH IF YOU DON’T WANT EVEN THE SMALLEST OF A SPOILER!!! But if you read the first book, I’m sure you have figured it out on your own that the love triangle continues. Which you find out pretty early on in this book so not really a spoiler.

Also, if you’re reading this review I’m assuming that you have read the first book because why in the world would you read a second book review if you haven’t even touched the first book. Go read my The Crown’s Game book review, go to the library or Amazon, buy the book, read it and then come back here and read this review. You’re welcome!

So now that you’ve read the first book, you would know that (most of) the book went without a bad guy in it. I kept waiting for someone to turn bad or two-faced but no one did and I kind of liked that. It was a change of scenery. The second book didn’t follow suit. You’re getting some bad guys (or girls. I’m not giving anything away. Just a figure of speech).

New characters come into play.

This book raises it’s rating for me just a tad. I would say maybe a PG-13. It’s nothing major but there is “tongue kissing”. Twice. That’s it. Nothing else. But would I want my 10  year old reading about tongue kissing? Probably not. So it’s a PG-13 from me.

I would say there will be no more books regarding this story. I haven’t researched.

Alright. There you have it. Again, please leave me some feedback!!!

Thanks for reading!

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